Nasal reconstruction (nasal reconstructive surgery) – recognize yourself again

If the nose is disfigured by tumors, accidents, congenital malformations or even unsuccessful cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery can be used to restore the appearance and function of the nose.

Dr. med. von Gregory is highly specialized in reconstructive nose and facial surgery and and is therefore highly recommended when dealing with complicated reconstructions. In a detailed consultation, he will show each patient all possible treatment options that he recommends based on the personal circumstance. He always creates a treatment plan tailored to all individual wishes and needs to enable each patient to return to a naturally beautiful appearance as well as experience a considerable improvement to their quality of life.

What is nasal reconstruction?

Nasal reconstruction involves a restorative treatment for both the functionality and appearance of the nose. This typically arises out of a medical need for improvements from problems such as a congenital malformation, an injury, after cancer treatment, or to correct a previous surgery. Often multiple surgeries and techniques are required, making it one of the more complex nasal operations.

No matter what the individual circumstance may be, Dr. med. von Gregory is one of the top experts for nasal surgeries in Germany, so he will be able to provide the utmost care to achieve the best possible and significant results.

Reasons for a nasal reconstruction

Dr. med. von Gregory is one of the leading experts across Germany in the field of nasal and facial reconstruction surgeries so he can provide in-depth advice as to whether and which type of nasal reconstruction is necessary. There are many reasons and possibilities to undergo a nasal reconstruction, that depend on the individual circumstance.

Accidents & injuries

Patients who have experienced a trauma to the face or nose, such as an injury from an accident or a burn, may want to undergo nasal reconstruction to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the nose. Thereby, they can significantly improve their quality of life through nasal reconstruction.

Nasal cancers

There are multiple types of nasal cancers that could require a nasal reconstruction operation due to malignant tumors. One of the most common are basal cell carcinomas in the nasal area. These tumors are often underestimated and categorized as “semi-malignant” tumors. Nevertheless, they still should be entirely removed so that they don’t grow back again.

Another common type of nasal cancer that could require a nasal reconstruction are squamous cell carcinomas, which are white tumors that can grow both on the inside and outside of the nose. Due to this, they are sometimes discovered later and become more dangerous. If you have been diagnosed with this type of illness, Dr. med. von Gregory will do his best to retain important parts of the nose and thereby minimize the amount of reconstructive surgery required.

Previously operated upon noses

Sometimes the results of an operation don’t come out as expected, or there is a trauma experienced that changes the appearance or functionality of a previously operated upon nose. Quite often, for example, too much nose support tissue is removed during the first surgery for the aesthetic correction of the nose. His great experience in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery regarding the nose and face allows Dr. med. von Gregory to achieve the absolute best and consistent results, especially when implementing secondary surgeries.

Nasal reconstruction – techniques and procedure

Nasal reconstruction is comprised of various levels of techniques. The nasal reconstruction process therefore can potentially involve various treatments that are done in stages over time. As a well-known and leading expert known in and outside of Berlin, Dr. med. von Gregory will work together with the patient to create an individualized treatment plan which takes into account all the wishes and needs for a harmonious nose so that each patient can bring back a high level to their quality of life. Possible procedures for nasal reconstruction are:

  • One time reconstruction
  • Skin grafts or flap surgery
  • Multi-layered reconstruction with ear cartilage graft or rib grafts and forehead flaps
  • Complete nasal reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction surgery recovery time

The recovery time for nasal reconstruction surgery varies widely since the duration for healing always depends on the treatment chosen. If Dr. med. von Gregory finds it necessary during the initial consultation to combine multiple treatments to achieve the patient's desired outcome, the healing process may take longer. He therefore always deals with each case in detail in order to provide as much information as possible about the recovery time and the type of treatment.

So that patients can recover quickly and the healing proceeds as desired, it is necessary to abide by Dr. med. von Gregory’s instructions given for the follow-up. As a leading expert with a variety of experience in nasal reconstruction, he can ensure that the most efficient methods will be used.Course of Treatment and Recovery Timeline

Before the Operation During the 14 days leading up to the operation, don’t take painkillers in order to stop from reducing blood clotting. Refrain from smoking to reduce risk of infection.
Length of Operation Varies widely depending on surgeries required
Use of Anesthetic Local anesthesia and general anesthesia
Hospitalization 1-2 days for monitoring
Work-ready After about 2 weeks
Exercise After about 6 weeks
Wounds Fully Healed After about 2-12 weeks

Nasal reconstruction – complications and risks

Nasal reconstruction is usually a serious surgery, which only an expert with a lot of experience should implement. The risks involved are usually small. In very seldom cases it is possible to experience an infection, difficulty breathing, blood clotting issues, stroke or allergies to medications or equipment used, though these occur only in rare circumstances. Dr. Gregory always works with the utmost precision both in the preparation and follow-up, as well as in the execution of the operation in order to minimize all risks. Each individual or general possible risks will therefore be discussed and analyzed with Dr. med. von Gregory in advance. As he is one of the leading experts, a patient can be sure that he treats each case individually to allow each patient a naturally beautiful and matching result.

How much does reconstructive nose surgery cost?

Nearly all nasal reconstruction procedures are medically required and always depend on each patient’s circumstances, wishes and needs. After consulting appointments and discussing everything, Dr. med. von Gregory will create an individualized cost plan.