Nose surgery (nasal surgery) - perfectly shaped for a naturally beautiful appearance

The nose is at the center of the face and decisively shapes the look and expression. However, an irregular, striking nose shape could be perceived as problematic, especially if it does not harmonize with one’s own self-image.

Anyone who is permanently dissatisfied with their genetically given nose shape can have it corrected through an aesthetic intervention, within the scope of surgical options. During the course of life, the shape of the nose can also change as a result of illnesses, accidents or the natural aging process. Again, an aesthetic nose surgery can help here.

No matter which of these options the circumstance is affected by, the shape of the nose should be especially this: discreet. Not too big, too wide, too long or too crooked. Therefore, the nose should fit as harmoniously as possible according to facial proportions. Nose surgery, or nose reshaping, typically focuses on reconciling the nose and face in a harmonious manner. The goal is always to improve functional complaints and at the same time to shape the appearance according to each patient’s wishes and needs.

Plastic surgery of the nose – What is nose surgery?

If a patient is unhappy with their nose, if their nose is too noticeable and does not fit their face, or if a patient has had the experience of feeling insecure because of their nose, a consultation with Dr. med. von Gregory about the possibilities of nose surgery could be a solution. All aesthetic and functional desires can be discussed on an individual basis during this initial consultation with Dr. med. von Gregory, one of Germany’s leading experts for nose surgery. He will take the necessary time to get to know each specific circumstance and then recommend the appropriate techniques using his vast knowledge as a leading specialist in his field. The end goal is always for the patient to feel a significant improvement to their quality of life and well-being through a properly functioning nose and a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Nose surgery – options for treatments

Nose surgery treatment options can be undergone in order to improve both aesthetic and functional requirements. Dr. med. von Gregory always wants to use the most accurate and effective techniques that involve the appropriate method for each particular case. Each patient’s well-being, desires, and physical functionality are given the utmost importance both when recommendations are given as well as when treatments are implemented.

Nose reshaping

involves any change in shape to the nose, i.e. likely from one of the bullet points mentioned below. This can mean both creating a harmonious appearance as well as improving functionality, for example, blocked nasal passages that are creating breathing issues. Such shapes that could undergo nose reshaping could be:

  • crooked nose
  • hooked nose
  • saddle nose
  • long nose
  • short nose
  • wide nose
  • hanging or bulbous nose tips

Nose tip surgery

can be very important if a patient is not happy with the shape of the nose end or if the functionality of the nose is affected by the shape of the tip. Sometimes the tip of the nose can cause disharmony to the face.

Nose tip surgery

therefore can help to restore a more symmetric appearance by either removing or reshaping the outer nasal cartilage.

Nose bridge surgery

typically is undergone with more of an aesthetic goal in mind, meaning to improve the appearance of the nose bridge due to an asymmetrical appearance.

Nose bridge surgery

is often comprised of two techniques, i.e. either “closed” or “open”. The closed technique involves incisions inside the nostrils, whereas the open technique means a precise cut on top of the nose bridge. Other alternatives may use lasers, ultrasound, or radiofrequency. It is necessary to individually discuss the possible options with Dr. med. von Gregory as the methods require different recovery periods. After the procedure, the nose is stabilized with a cast and will be removed after the healing process has finished.

Non surgical rhinoplasty (Non surgical nose reshaping) - injection therapy

Some patients may qualify for non surgical rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping through injection therapy if their functional and aesthetic requirements are minimal enough to avoid surgery. It can be a useful alternative for patients because the treatment process goes more quickly as well as the recovery period, and there is only a bit of pain during the injection. There are various, non-operative methods that can provide relief on a short term basis:

Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite: These two substances are found in skin or synovial fluid (in joints) and act as a cementing or filling substance for the tissue between cells, making it ideal for cosmetic surgeries with the focus of smoothing out or removing asymmetries of the nose, nasal bumps, a wide nose bridge, a too flat nose tip, and a saddle nose.

  • Liposuction: Autologous fat from the patient’s hips or lower abdomen is used to reshape or fill in the nose.
  • Muscle relaxant: This helps with a hanging or bulbous nose, large nostrils, as well as any type of nasal or facial wrinkle smoothing. It is a restorative procedure that helps to remove any bumps or asymmetries.

After discussing all issues in detail with Dr. med. von Gregory during the initial consultation and based on his many years of experience in this field, he will propose the exact methods to achieve the best results in order to develop a treatment plan.

Nose surgery – procedure

Nose surgery starts with anesthesia. Then, Dr. med. von Gregory begins with the discussed treatment. Depending on the surgery, it could lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Being one of the top experts in Germany for nose and face surgery, Dr. Gregory will work with the utmost precision during the operation to achieve the best possible results. After it is finished, the patient is taken to a comfortable recovery room to await the end of the effects of anesthesia and may be recommended to stay in the hospital for monitoring.

Nose surgery – recovery and course of treatment

Dr. med. von Gregory will provide each patient with individualized aftercare guidelines to ensure the most ideal path to recovery. In order to recover quickly, Dr. med. von Gregory recommends to: sleep with head propped up for a few days, avoid hot baths and pools, avoid blowing the nose, sneeze with an open mouth, refrain from dusty and smoky places, refrain from strenuous exercises, and to take all prescribed medications per Dr. med. von Gregory’s instructions.Course of Treatment and Recovery Timeline

Before the Operation 10 days before the surgery avoid aspirin.
  4-7 days before the surgery avoid over the counter pain medication such as advil, ibuprofen and tylenol.
Length of Operation 30 min -3 hours (varies depending on procedure)
Use of Anesthetic General Anesthesia
Hospitalization Overnight stay or 2 days
Stitches Remove After about 1 week
Mild Discomfort and Swelling Lasts for about 3 weeks
Work-ready After about 2 weeks
Exercise After 4-6 weeks

Nose surgery – complications and risks

During nose surgery, complications rarely occur. To keep the risks as low as possible, Dr. med. von Gregory takes the utmost care during preliminary discussions, the preparation of the operative treatment plan, the preparation of the operation as well as the operation itself.

However, certain risks can’t be completely ruled out - as with any medical intervention. Therefore, there are only a few small points to take note of including: issues with blood clotting, infections, allergies to medications and equipment used and results differing from those desired. Nevertheless these are all extremely rare occurrences and Dr. med. von Gregory will utilize his vast experience as a leading nose surgery specialist so all patients can soon enjoy a beautiful and harmonious appearance of the nose.

Nose surgery cost – How much is a nose surgery?

Nose surgery depends on each patient’s individual situation and wishes. Dr. med. von Gregory has a multitude of experience that will allow him to suggest the best possible course of action so that the patient and he can create a treatment plan together that best fits each patient’s needs and improves their quality of life.

Nose surgery before and after

Due to legal regulations, before and after pictures are not allowed to be shown online. Instead, a patient will receive these during the initial consultation with Dr. med. von Gregory, in which he will use his wide array of experience as a leading specialist in that field to provide each individual patient with photos that fit their specific functional and aesthetic desires.