Septoplasty - the most common nose surgery - an important small step that brings huge relief

The nose is one of the most important human sense organs. Not only the sense of smell is important, but also good breathing and the perfect speech formation mean that the nose must work perfectly. Only when impaired by malformations, illnesses or injuries does one notice how important these natural functions are. For example, if there is a curvature of the nasal septum, it can lead to significant health problems that limit the general well-being. In this case, consideration should be given to surgical removal of the nasal septum.

What is septoplasty?

Septoplasty is one of the most common forms of nasal surgery. Often referred to as deviated septum surgery, it helps rectify a malformation or displacement of the bone and cartilage between the two nostrils. This process helps to straighten out this tissue to allow for a more symmetric appearance, usually using some cutting and removal of the nasal tissues. Often septoplasty is necessary due to breathing problems created from a deviated septum. Depending on the shape of the nose and the wishes of the patient, various options for correction may be offered. Some of them can only be done operationally. In others, such as filling the nasal bridge or raising the tip of the nose, it may also be possible to treat with fillers.

Overall, as one of the top specialists in facial and nasal surgeries in Germany, Dr. med. von Gregory will talk with each patient in detail about their wishes and needs, and then formulate an individualized treatment plan that fits within a patient’s requirements.

Deviated septum surgery - what is a deviated septum?

A deviated septum refers to a condition in which there is an imbalance or malformation between the bone and tissues that sits between the two nostrils. This creates a crooked or bent shape and can cause breathing problems. A deviated septum can be a result of a birth defect or come from an injury or illness. Many people have some imbalance to their septum, however a surgical procedure could be required when it begins to dramatically affect a person’s quality of life. As one of the best nasal surgeons in his field, Dr. med. von Gregory decide accordingly as to whether a deviated septum surgery is the proper course of treatment or will otherwise suggest a treatment tailored to each patient’s needs.

Septoplasty – how this technique could help

A deviated septum can cause a multitude of problems not only medically but also for a person’s well-being. The first issue is congestion, which can cause breathing issues, snoring, and even sleep apnea, that can result in people stopping breathing during sleep. Furthermore, a deviated septum can also lead to nosebleeds, facial pain, headaches, and a post-nasal drip. Undergoing septoplasty could help significantly improve these issues so that patients are able to feel an enhancement to their quality of life and overall well-being. Dr. med. von Gregory is an excellent and highly-experienced aesthetic and plastic surgeon so he will discuss and plan the best course of treatment with the patient.

Septoplasty procedure

Septoplasty is one of the more minimal alternatives among nasal surgeries. No matter the technique used, Dr. med. von Gregory always takes the utmost care. In the run up to the treatment, he will give each patient a clear overview of the incision. The treatment starts with the anesthesia which will always be discussed in advance with Dr. med. von Gregory. Then the surgery is carried out, which utilizes an incision to rectify the septum, possibly closing it with sutures and silicone splints to support the new shape. The procedure can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the individual requirements. After the surgery, patients can relax in our relaxation room until they are feeling normal again and the effect of the anesthesia has subsided.

Septoplasty course of treatment and recovery

Dr. med. von Gregory is one of the leading experts regarding septoplasty and other nasal surgeries. He will discuss every question and will provide all important details during the initial consultation. Dr. med. von Gregory always advises each patient individually in order to create an appropriate treatment plan.Course of Treatment and Recovery Timeline

Before the Operation During the 14 days leading up to the operation, don’t take painkillers (i.e. advil, ibuprofen, aspirin) as this will reduce blood clotting.
Length of Operation 30-120 minutes
Use of Anesthetic General & local anesthesia
Hospitalization Ambulatory (outpatient care, no overnight stay)
Work-ready After 7-10 days
Removal of Silicone Splints After 1-2 weeks
Exercise After about 2 weeks

Septoplasty aftercare guidelines

In order to be able to recover quickly and well after the treatment, it is necessary to follow post-surgery recommendations provided by Dr. med. von Gregory. Therefore, in the first few weeks after the surgery it is advised to keep the head propped up, not smoke, sneeze with an open mouth, avoid strenuous activities, not take blood thinning agents and protect the mucous membranes by avoiding nicotine, alcohol, or other harmful chemicals such as nasal sprays.

Septoplasty complications and risks

Dr. med. von Gregory makes it of the utmost importance to minimize or eliminate the risk of surgery as much as possible. Only very seldom do postoperative asymmetries and irregularities occur. In very rare cases, there may be tissue damage in the immediate area of operation and to sensory, olfactory or functional disorders of nasal breathing. Risk factors can also result from possible pre-existing conditions. However, these are always clarified in the consultation before an operation.

Septoplasty cost

The costs for septoplasty vary depending on the chosen treatment method and the patient’s personal wishes and needs. Dr. med. von Gregory will advise each patient personally, and after a detailed diagnosis and preparation of a treatment plan, compile a detailed quote.

Septoplasty before and after

Each patient will undergo an initial consultation with Dr. med. von Gregory to discuss their individual desires and physical conditions. Due to legal issues, before and after pictures may not be shown online. In a personal consultation, Dr. med. von Gregory will be happy to show pictures that fit each individual case.

Alternatives to a septoplasty procedure

In some circumstances, an alternative to septoplasty could be more suitable. A more minor surgery known as turbinate surgery, involves a procedure on the turbinates, known as the structures creating the sidewalls within the nose. This procedure could offer some benefits because only local anesthesia is used and there is a shorter downtime. Also it can be done without tamponades (splints) and can sometimes work on just one side of the nose instead of an operation of both sides.

A second alternative can be implemented without a surgical procedure. This option uses special patches, splits, or silicone tubes that can be used without an operation to promote breathing, sometimes already providing a significant improvement.

Dr. med. von Gregory is one of Germany’s leading experts in nasal and facial surgeries and has specialized in this since the beginning of his career. He has a huge range of experience and in-depth knowledge, so he will recommend the best suitable form of treatment according to a patient’s wishes and circumstances.