Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery in Berlin –
Improved harmony, well-being and health for my patients

As a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, I have lead a highly-specialized private medical practice in Berlin since 2014 that focuses entirely on treatments for the nose and face.

It is my mission to provide comprehensive advising on an individual basis and to develop a treatment plan together with you that fulfills all aesthetic or functional desires within my medical capabilities.

I offer consultations to all patients that provides answers to the most important questions regarding the topics of nasal corrections and facial operations.



NaseDuring a nasal surgery, both aesthetic and functional aspects have to simultaneously be taken into account. A naturally balanced and appealing shape of the nose should always be accompanied by unencumbered breathing.

Thanks to my specialization and extensive experience, as well as the utilization of state of the art techniques, complicated procedures on both the inner and outer nose can take place in my practice. This includes, for example, corrections of many types of previously operated upon noses as well as operations on congenital malformations or consequences of accidents.

Facial Surgery

The goal of modern and aesthetic facial surgery and non-surgical wrinkle treatment is to create a fresh and reawakened appearance that has an overall natural effect. No matter whether it’s facelifting, wrinkle treatments, eyelid correction or ear reconstructions, the foundation for all processes is to provide extensive and individual advising in which I work together with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.


When the nose and face become disfigured due to tumors, accidents, congenital malformations, or even a previously failed cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery can help to restore both an aesthetic and functional balance. After receiving an in-depth consultation, I work together with my patients to create a treatment plan that helps them to find a harmonious appearance as well as to significantly improve their quality of life in the best possible way.


Praxis Berlin EmpfangAdvising on an individual basis

The desires of my patients are often extremely individual. This means that there are no routine processes in my specialized medical practice. Rather, all processes are based and agreed upon according to your individual aspirations and goals as well as the necessary medical requirements.

I look forward to providing a detailed and personalized consultation and will take the time to familiarize myself with your circumstance. After this consultation, I will offer a thorough check-up and then work together with you to create an individualized treatment plan.


Beauty in experienced hands

My extensive experience as a plastic surgeon, both technically and aesthetically, guarantees that my patients receive the best possible results. It’s my goal for every procedure to improve the harmony of or reawaken the face through reconstructions.

Aside from my practice in Berlin, I also work regularly as a General Practitioner in a clinic in Charlottenburg, at the Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin, and at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at the Charité Campus Virchow. All procedures are completed in clinics that have state of the art equipment, as well as with the most up to date scientific standards.


Your satisfaction is our focus

Your satisfaction comes first and foremost, and is the best recommendation that I could wish for as a doctor. Therefore, I look forward to my specialist medical practice being known outside of Berlin and further recommended.

My patient circle includes people from Berlin with both German and international backgrounds (e.g. Arabic, Persian, Russian) as well as numerous patients from around and outside of Germany that travel to my practice for treatment.

Have you been considering about whether to get a nasal surgery, a reconstruction or a kind of facial surgery?

Do you already have concrete plans and are now only searching for a qualified, serious and empathetic doctor?

Were you unsatisfied with the results from a previous operation and want to receive a second opinion?

I gladly welcome you to schedule an appointment for a consultation in my specialist medical practice.


I am looking forward to meeting you!
Dr. med. Henning von Gregory